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Why do more businesses and organizations turn to SmartRecruiters?

It’s simple. It works. It doesn’t get in the way of what’s essential – finding, engaging, and hiring the best person for each position. It serves candidates, hiring managers, and recruiters.

Now there’s no need to rely on IT to build landing pages, post jobs, create a streamlined and collaborative hiring processes, and access analytics that clearly show what’s working and what’s not.

Watch this overview and discover how the SmartRecruiters Talent Acquisition Suite:

  • Creates a candidate experience that attracts top talent before the competition
  • Engages hiring managers to make more successful hiring decisions
  • Improves recruiter efficiency through easy-to-use and intuitive tools
  • Offers an ecosystem of dozens of recruitment services and apps – all pre-integrated and accessible with just one click
  • Deploys easily so you can set up and configure features quickly with no IT complexity
Recruiting Software and Applicant Tracking System