SmartRecruiters Introduces New Features to Enhance User Experience

San Francisco – April 28, 2022 SmartRecruiters, the Hiring Success Company, today announced its latest product release with powerful new enhancements that improve the user experience. This makes it easier for customers to use the tools they need to attract, select, and hire the best talent.

Hiring Success starts with amazing candidate experiences and engaged hiring teams. SmartRecruiters’ user experience has always been a top priority for the business. This quarter, the company set its sights on developing and introducing features that solve everyday problems to delight its users. 

First, in an effort to make Employee Portal more intelligent, referrals are now supported within the Employee Portal. Employees can refer candidates and track them through the hiring process. This significant internal mobility feature gives recruiters more tools to place top talent in relevant jobs and gives employees a reason to engage with the Employee Portal. 

The company also announced advancements to scale offer management. Users can more easily manage hundreds of different types of offers and offer clauses, saving large enterprise customers additional time in hiring.

Following up on the manual assignment feature improvements last quarter, the company announced its platform is now able to help recruiters drive efficiency and productivity by enabling scorecards to be assigned to jobs automatically. Not only does this reduce the manual effort of repeatedly assigning scorecards, but it ensures hiring consistency and reduces bias. 

Busy and on-the-go hiring managers and recruiters can now get things done faster with fewer taps in the mobile app. Redesigned job list and job details pages improve user navigation and findability. Recruiters can easily take action on relevant jobs without navigating back and forth.

A new bulk user upload feature makes it easier for recruiters to add, edit, and remove users from the system. They can now upload local CSVs containing user data and match it to SmartRecruiters’ preexisting columns.

As recruitment marketing continues to be a growing focus for companies everywhere, users can now import jobs from SmartRecruiters directly into their Attrax career site. Further, the total search function within these career sites is now able to detect location from anywhere in the world and use it to pre-populate relevant search results.

In addition, more than 20 delightful enhancements were made based on customer feedback. Learn more about these and other features from SmartRecruiters’ latest quarterly product release here.

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