Corporate Social Responsibility and Reverse Recruiting

Our CSR Mission: Connecting Overlooked People to Jobs at Scale
Reverse Recruiting

Let's Change More Lives Together

Recruiters know exactly what it takes for a candidate to land an interview and find the right job. SmartRecruiters processes millions of rejected candidates on our platform every year.

Let's turn this unpleasant situation into a positive outcome!

That's why Reverse Recruiting was created, an initiative that offers assistance to job seekers who have experienced difficulty finding stable, long term employment. Among them are immigrants, veterans, formerly incarcerated individuals, parents and caregivers returning to work, as well as senior citizens.

Since Reverse Recruiting started in February 2019 the movement has spread globally through live workshops. We've helped connect close to 1,000 people with 500 recruiters representing various companies to improve their resumes, interview skills, personal brand, and more! Learn more about past events

See what Ali, a former participant, says about it

Recruiters, here are ideas on how to participate
(in order of increasing impact)

  • Take the pledge to Reverse Recruiting, access all the resources to organize your own events and stay informed about upcoming events where you could participate
  • Participate in a session organized by SmartRecruiters and other organizations
  • Invite a few job seekers (from a nonprofit organization near you, among candidates you met during hiring processes, or job seekers in your network), and work on their applications for a few hours
  • Invite your company to participate and host a larger event. Recruiters and hiring managers can each mentor 2-3 job seekers during a 3-hour session in your offices. It is also a great idea for recruiting team offsite! Learn more about the concept
  • Do you have many rejected candidates in your database?
  • Would you like to give back to them?
  • Would your recruiters & hiring managers find meaning in helping them?
If you answer yes to one or several of these questions, then Reverse Recruiting is for you.
The Concept

Recruiters & Hiring Managers mentor overlooked candidates on:

  • Resume building
  • Interview preparation
  • Storytelling

providing individual support to people who have a hard time translating and selling their valuable skills, experience biases and have often been rejected multiple times throughout their application processes.

Overlooked candidates are unfortunately countless:

  • Immigrants
  • Veterans
  • Formerly incarcerated individuals
  • Parents and caregivers returning to work
  • Seniors
  • Minority communities
  • And all the candidates that were rejected during previous recruitments.

We host these sessions once a quarter in our offices around the world.

The How

All it takes is:

  • Confirm the date & locations
  • Create an invite for recruiters and candidates
  • Invite your internal participants
  • Reach out to your rejected candidates (through SmartRecruit) in the selected locations

All resources available to organize and host:

All you need to Reverse Recruit!

Job Seekers, why participate

Because for once recruiters will work for you. They will listen to your story, your objectives, assess your resume, tell you how to make it more impactful, train you through mock interviews and many more tricks they have learned and are here to share with you! Learn more about the past sessions

How does it work?

  • Follow Reverse Recruiting on Facebook or LinkedIn to stay informed about future events around the world
  • Register for the session you want
  • Participate in the session you registered for and get personalized advice from expert recruiters on*:
    • Your resume
    • Your LinkedIn profile
    • Interview preparation
    • Personal Branding

*topics may vary depending on sessions, please check the details in the event you are choosing

  • Do you struggle finding the job that you want?
  • Are you wondering if your resume is noticed by recruiters?
  • Are job interviews a challenge for you?
  • Does the question “tell me a bit about yourself” stress you?
If you answer yes to one or several of these questions, then Reverse Recruiting is for you.

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