Use data to drive hiring decisions

Accelerate interview productivity and reduce bias in the hiring process, while simultaneously improving the quality of your hires with integrated assessments, structured feedback forms, and built-in scorecards.

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Dig deeper into candidate screening with targeted questions

Why wait until the interview to identify your best candidates? Our integrated application screening forms let you zero-in quickly on the information that matters most when evaluating talent:

  • Simplify and screen long candidate lists quickly and use bulk actions to progress
  • Speed up the interview process by getting valuable information up front
  • Stay GDPR-compliant and limit candidate data to “only what is needed” for hiring decisions
candidate evaluation form

Measure performance and fit with candidate assessments

Round out your evaluation process with fully-integrated assessments and skills tests for predicting candidate fit, future performance and retention, without the integration or maintenance costs.

  • Get measurable data and insights for stronger candidate evaluations
  • Save time with automated assessments that trigger at just the right step
  • Skip the integration hassle using pre-built assessment and evaluation tools
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SmartRecruiters helps JYSK manage 50,000 applicants per month


Simplify interview scheduling

Drastically cut the time it takes to schedule in-person and virtual interviews with multiple participants and streamline interview management from one easy-use interface within SmartRecruiters.

  • Compare calendars of your interviewers side-by-side and in one place
  • Provide interview updates automatically through dynamic notifications
  • Sync scheduled interviews automatically to your hiring teams’ calendars
candidate interview scheduling

Interview objectively

Lessen the ability for unconscious bias to seep into your interview process using scorecards to standardize feedback from interviewers.

  • Get clear and structured feedback that simplifies candidate evaluation
  • Ensure all interviewers are aligned for how success is defined
  • Create a quantitative basis for supporting successful hiring decisions
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“There was a huge shift to having a system that was available globally. SmartRecruiters enabled us to bring the community together on a regular basis and gave us all access to the same tools.”

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The SmartRecruiters hiring platform is designed to help every company recruit top talent. It has all the tools you will need to attract, select, and hire the right people at the right time.

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