Drive Candidate Traffic with a Branded Experience

Showcase your employer brand and engage qualified candidates with a delightful recruitment experience. Deploy a modern and localized candidate experience to elevate your brand, foster deeper connections with job seekers through content-rich career websites and branded elements, and entice passive talent to easily connect easily from anywhere with just 1-click.

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Make a Statement with your Brand

Recruiting great talent is no easy feat, especially in competitive markets. SmartRecruiters helps your employer brand stand out so you won’t get lost in the crowd.

  • Attract active and passive candidates through content-rich career sites
  • Personalize outreach using branded templates, campaigns, and portals
  • Manage your entire brand portfolio with configurable workflows
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Career Websites that Engage and Convert

Are you converting candidates to high-quality job applicants, or losing them to your competition? Build award-winning, engaging, and personalized career sites that feature relevant content and job opportunities for each visitor.

  • Target and attract top talent with recruiting campaigns and search-optimized career sites. 
  • Wow candidates with awesome brand engagement and personalized experiences. Successfully convert them to high-quality candidates with friction-free apply
  • Give your recruiting teams the tools they need to win. Self-serve career sites and campaigns? Check. Already works with SmartRecruiters? Done. Secure and compliant? To the highest level
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After implementing SmartRecruiters, JYSK started processing 50,000 applicants per month


Increase Candidate Traffic

Research shows a complex or time-consuming apply process weeds out top talent. So, stop losing great candidates to an outdated process, and turn job seekers into applicants with a modern, mobile application experience from SmartRecruiters.

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Build Stronger Connections

Leaving candidates in the dark not only hurts your chances of building a relationship for the future, but it tarnishes your brand, as well. SmartRecruiters helps you keep candidates engaged throughout their hiring journey, all while elevating your brand expression.

  • Provide status updates to candidates automatically
  • Alert job seekers of future opportunities, career fairs, and hiring events
  • Stay up-to-date on a candidate’s job search while also staying compliant with “live” profiles
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“The new TA technology landscape with SmartRecruiters and new team structure enabled us to rationalize a steep increase in hiring targets. We reacted very quickly and made 65% more hires in one year.

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The SmartRecruiters hiring platform is designed to help every company recruit top talent. It has all the tools you will need to attract, select, and hire the right people at the right time.

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