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Talent Acquisition vs. Recruitment

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Recruitment is the process of finding and hiring skilled candidates to meet the needs of a job requirement. Talent acquisition encompasses the entire process of hiring, from sourcing candidates through screening and skills assessments to interview management and ultimately offer management. It also involves employer branding and talent pipelining, forecasting, and assessment.

Attracting the most qualified candidates can be compared to a marketing function, while qualifying and hiring candidates to fill job openings can be compared to a sales function. Applied to the hiring lifecycle, this approach distinguishes talent acquisition from traditional recruitment.

When optimized, this process ensures the hired candidates are the best fit for the position as well as the organization and improves the average quality of hire.

3 major pillars of talent acquisition are:

Recruitment Marketing and Sourcing

In order to hire top talent, companies must align on planning and talent acquisition strategy to identify, target, and attract the most qualified candidates for the role.

Employer branding must be made clear to potential candidates. This involves awareness of company culture, reputation, key differentiators, products and services. An informative and relevant career website is a critical asset as it may be the first impression an employer makes on a potential candidate. Ensuring a great candidate experience is a critical step in attracting the most qualified candidates.

The talent acquisition team must optimize recruitment sourcing channels to find candidates. This involves posting job ads to popular job boards, building an employee referral engine, integrating relevant third-party sourcing services, developing a social media recruiting strategy, and tapping into existing talent pools. Nurturing and building relationships with candidates can have a massive impact on successful hiring in the long term.

Candidate Management and Collaborative Hiring

Candidate management involves managing the candidate lifecycle from initial application through final job offer. Hiring manager engagement is key to collaboration and seamless communication, both amongst hiring teams and with the potential candidates.

Interview scheduling and management takes place at this stage and job offers for potential employees must also be built and approved. Applicant tracking with an audit trail and history throughout this entire process is important for compliance purposes.

Talent Acquisition Software

In order to run a scalable and efficient talent acquisition process, it is important to work on a unified platform that supports all of the organization’s hiring processes, partners, and integrations. This recruiting software allows the hiring team to customize the hiring process, manage hiring roles and permissions, integrate with existing vendors, and access metrics to report on souring and operational analytics. Talent acquisition software automates processes for human resources professionals and recruiters, so they can focus on strategy and collaboration.

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