Hiring Success on a Global Scale

Recruit globally, hire locally, all in one system. SmartRecruiters offers a truly flexible and scalable platform that can be configured to work with your complex organizational needs.

Self-Configure Workflows & Processes

Experience greater autonomy and more self-service capability when managing multiple brands, customizing job & candidate data fields, and creating outbound communication templates without submitting support tickets. Configure individual business units, functions, and roles alongside associated processes, logos, and templates—all from one dashboard.

configure workflows

Localize Candidate & User Experience

Provide a localized experience for all users with 37 candidate-facing languages available on desktop and mobile. SmartRecruiters’ user interface for hiring teams is available in 31 languages, allowing your teams to work in the language of their choice.

multilingual recruiting platform

Define Custom Data Values

Configure the types of data unique to your organization’s needs, and establish dependencies between job & org fields and their values to streamline the job creation process for large and complex organizational structures in a few clicks.

custom recruitment process

Set User Access Permissions

Grant users in every location the access they need with a global & configurable permissions model. Clearly defined hiring team roles on the backend allow your organization to boost collaborative efforts and securely accommodate reporting protocols.

hiring team access permissions
“For the first time in the history of Equinox, we have a centralized digital record of every application to every position, affording a talent pipeline and insight into the recruiting process we could never have imagined.” Yannick Riveti
Director, Recruiting
hiring hero
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